Visual identity

Complete projects that include creation of logo, color schemes, typography, iconography, avatars and custom backgrounds for social networks, wallpapers, business card design and brand guidelines. All this, of course, delivered in high resolution files optimized for every use.

Web Development

Semantics, innovation, accessibility, performance, technology and love. This is our formula for developing well structured websites, that are easy to navigate and load quickly. Our projects have awesome layouts that are developed using modern languages ​​like HTML5 and CSS3.

Responsive Design

We live in the era of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. There are many types of devices, operating systems and browsers. But thanks to a series of modern development techniques employed here in PopUp you can offer to your clients the ideal browsing experience for each situation.


Great Wines

Great Wines is a retailer of high quality imported wines. They needed a modern visual identity, but that referred to all charm and tradition connected with the experience of enjoying a good wine. PopUp was responsable for the branding and creation of their online store.

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Maxim Models

Maxim Models is a modeling agency with work done on soap operas, fashion catalogs, advertising, television, magazines, fashion shows, feature and short films, plays, billboards and all advertising, services and artistic media. PopUp was hired to develop a website that divulge the agency and their models on a easy and modern way.

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EMI Video Tab

EMI Music company requested us the design of a Facebook Tab  to embed videos from major artists on their page at the social network. The design had to be versatile and easy to update, so PopUp developed an integrated the tab with a clean layout and simple administration that can be done directly through YouTube.

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Diogo 1

Empório Ribeiro

Mrs. Adna bakes pastries and cakes for parties and weddings. Emporium Ribeiro stands out because of the love and care in preparing delicacies that tastes just like mom food. And we develop a delicious brand for she.

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PM Canvas

Professor Joseph Finocchio Jr. developed a model for project management called Project Model Canvas. This model has already been adopted by major companies like Ambev, Natura and organs such as the Brazilian Olympic Committee. PopUp was responsible for developing the website that will divulge the project.

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