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Biva is a startup that helps business owners find investors online. The brand was created especially for the internet. That means the logo would be visualized, most of the time, on screens of different shapes and dimensions.
To make sure that it would always look great, we used letters with a precise, simple and well-defined tracing, avoiding reading and identification misunderstandings even when reduced to a small scale or seen on displays with technological constraints.

Since Biva is on the finances business, we used the color blue as the predominant for the logo and the web design. In addition to being a color that brings confidence and security, “staying on blue” is a Brazilian Portuguese expression used to refer to an enterprise free of debts, profitable and successful.

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Nosso trabalho com a PopUp foi surpreendente, todas as atualizações superaram de longe nossas expectativas! Com uma equipe formada por verdadeiros artistas, confiamos 100% no trabalho da PopUp. Recomendo!

Eduardo Teixeira Diretor, Biva

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