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PopUp was founded in 2010 by the designers Dani Guerrato and Leandro Lima in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Throughout our history, we had the honor of working in more than 100 amazing projects for brands from Brazil and the world. Most of them were delivered 100% remotly, which allowed us to cut time and focus more energy on our work. From 2016 onwards we decided to embrace remote work completly! This allowed us to discover the cultural differences of design, attend global events, get insights about technology trends and further improve our work. We are currently in the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but our customers are spread all over the world!

We are sought by people with different profiles: new entrepreneurs looking for an online presence, innovative start-ups searching for solid design foudations and multinational companies with years in the market seeking a brand new redesign. All are treated with care and dedication in a casual, but professional enviroment.

We employ human centered design methodologies, creating incredible multi-platform experiences without losing sight of the key success metrics of your business. PopUp combines UX strategy, user interface design and front-end engineering to deliver creative and measurable solutions for digital products.

The creative process

Research & Planning

First of all, we collect all data that is relevant to the design so we can define a scope of the project.


We mix your references of style with our solid understanding of design to build a unique and innovative concept.


We sketch wireframes, design the layout using graphics softwares and finish by developing the code.


Dani Guerrato

A 29-year-old geek, passionate about cinema, literature, technology, games, and, of course, the internet! She is a UI/UX designer and one of the co-founders of PopUp. Dani was considered one of the 10 top Brazilians web designers.

Dani loves usability test, solving problems creatively and reading the source code of other websites. She has published articles for PopUp's Blog and Tableless. She carried out seminars and training in colleges, enterprises, and events like Campus Party and QCon and, together with her partner Leandro Lima, created a free online course about User Interface Design and CSS3 for the platform Timtec. Dani was interviewed by channels such as Women Techmakers and traveled to the Silicon Valley after getting first place in the hackathon Google Developers Bus Brasil along with the team PowerUp. Her past experiences also include integrating the design team of the marketing company Red Ventures and the SASS platform from Amsterdam eFaqt.

When she isn't working you can find Dani reading fantasy books, drinking white chocolate mochaccinos and listening to avant-garde heavy metal.

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Leandro Lima

Designer, geek and co-founder of PopUp along with Dani Guerrato. Leandro loves playing chess, is a fan of Rubens Barrichello and believes that the universe has 10 or 11 dimensions. Leandro enjoys sharing knowledge. So much that he grew up to be a lecturer, teacher and a blogger. Leandro offers courses within enterprises about Design and Development, writes regularly for PopUp's Blog and also post articles on iMasters. Lectured at colleges and events such as Campus Party and QCon.

Since childhood he enjoys drawing. The hours spent studying about perspective, light and shadow and illustration techniques served as the basis of his design style. Leandro's works are often marked by particular attention to lighting, presence of soft textures and big images that seem to jump off the screen.

n addition to it all, Leandro also develops HTML, CSS and Javascript along with Dani, programs in PHP, implements content management systems and online stores. And he also makes great coffee!

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